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Korat or Nakhonratchasima is the name of the province in which Khaoyai  located just 1.5 hours away by car we can see a great, ancient civilization.

Phimai  over 1,000 years ago this area used to have a great civilization and much of the evidence is still here today.

Phimai historical park.


Phimai historcal park

About 150 k.m. away from Pak Chong, heading to northeast of Thailand.

On this journey there are so many places to see along the way.

After just  20 minutes.

The first stop-a View point by the big dam name ” Lam Ta Klong” .The water from here goes to Khorat city and nourishes life all along the river.

On this route we pass through five districts of the province.

Wat Luang Por Tor”   寺廟

Wat loung por tor 寺廟

is a very interesting temple where you can really see and feel what Buddhist people do in Thailand.Every day, people from all over the country will come to this temple for pay respect to, and asking blessings from, Buddha.

Ban Tan Prasart prehistorical site 史前公園

A community lived here over 3,000 years ago. Much archaeological evidence from that time has been discovered by the local people and the Fine Arts Department, Of particular note is the tomb where the skeletons of ancient people, buried over time, lie in layers.

Sai ngam ” The banyan tree island or “Figus bengamina” gives the island its name which means “beautiful banyan tree”, Local people have know this place for a long time, a place where they can enjoy the beauty of nature and  local delicacies.

Hi-light of the day Phimai


Phimai is the biggest white sandstone Khmer temple in Thailand. It was build a 1,000 years ago and was used for two religious beliefs, Hinduism and Buddhism .

Many construction still stand as testament to their times and the great knowledge and skills of those who built them.

We keep Phimai to the end of the day so that the temple is not too warm to walk around.Also the evening light is good for pictures.

After finishing the tour ,you can either come back with us  to Pak Chong or stay in Korat city for your next destination.

   Tour include

All the entrance fees.

Transportation  for your group.

Lunch and fruit.

Drink and snack.English-speaking tour guide.

Cost of the tour.

  • 8 person+ 1,600 Baht per person.
  • 7 person   1,700 Baht per person.
  • 6 person   1,800 Baht per person.
  • 5 person   2,100 Baht per person.
  • 4 person   2,300 Baht per person.
  • 3 person   2,500 Baht per person.
  • 2 person   3,500 Baht per person.
  • 1 person   5,400 Baht.

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